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Bless The Woods 3 is coming! Friday June 20 – Sunday June 22 ! 33 Eyez is proud to bring you the third year of The Bless The Woods Music Festival in Fairplay Maryland. A 2 night musical experience to help raise funds and awareness for lyme disease.


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  1. Hi, do you need more music support? The Deep Friars (TDF) would love to play and support this great cause. I follow ‘Wings That Buzz’ which led me here. TDF is a local all original band playing folk, Americana, rock. If interested please let us know soon before we book over this date. Contact me at Thanks, Geo.

  2. I have a bunch of questions lol. What all is included in the ticket? How much is it to camp/park , how early can people be there to set up tent, are there showers, will there be food and drink (alcohol/non alcohol) vendors, is alcohol allowed, is there a place for swimming (to cool off), is there electricity at this campground (some do have it lol), are pets allowed(‘, is it a bring your own firewood policy, any thing not allowed at campground (glass bottles, alcohol etc) …. If there is a website for the campground maybe they could provide more info, I couldn’t find it. Thank you!

    • Camping/ Parking is included in ticket price. We have Early Bird June 19th gates open at 5PM and June 20th gates open at 8 am.
      There are Showers in the Bathrooms on Site. We have Multiple Food Vendors, Drink Vendors, Sno-Cones and Ice Cream. No Swimming Hole on site. There is Electricity but only in certain areas. No Pets.

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